I can imagine waiting on my king

My love , my knight ,my armor

My handsome Yes Sir.

Perfectly imperfect

Unready to never miss a thing

Properly positioned, for his arrival .

Only to show my perfect dress!

The one I pressed and strutted in the garden to make sure my seam ...

doesn't play peak a boo

then pop out of the seam.

...But because I miss him

I'd await and watch from his favorite chair and watch as the door cracks and sings

Like an old tune

Singing an ole blue , raspy, whisper

right out of an old shoe.

Oh how I miss you

Can't wait till he comes home

I say in my head and smirk

as I smell from a mile away

the scent of his masculine fume.

I'm home baby ...

I smile with the sweetest ,subtle

I've been a very busy lady all day

with this at ease patient little

smirk upon my face

Knowing Damn well ...

I've been sitting here waiting for you my whole life.

As if my heart hadn't been beating for you

And playing a fine tune

From my very

... whole existence.

Poetry By : Shaku Writes