Dope as In Zooted Geeked, High, Jupiter, Cloud 9 Dope as in this shit is Illegal. The way you spit game, should get you at least 2-to 5

Dope as in probate ..lock me in and make me pay a fine.

You can even.. add late fees and extend my time. Dope as in, if i sniffed and puffed you would be that Cuban white line pulled ,and inhaled, you would be that "Ganja " in the middle of a west indian fire.

Dope as in Mind Control... Dope as in What the fuck! Dope as in what the fu.. is your name again? Dope as in sell my Mama.... Tv back to her Because you blow my mind.... Dope as the Cut throat look on my face, if you thanking bout blowing my high. Dope as in you don't have to notice this...because i am writing and not sure how we got here.... ~Because I'm Still High Dope as in Jimmy Hendrix, Tripping, in my bathroom picking his Afro talking shit about the mini zip lock, smiley face bags, having a bad trip ''OH'' And don't ask me how he came back to life ! ''Because I'm High ''

Very extremely high ...sedated on you..

What a spell ,cant you tell you've reversed the color blue ..

GOT DAM U ..yes it's all you . High as a ,Fucking Airplane inside of an Airplane smoking Upside down... Bitch I'm High..out of my mind ..out of my clothes..out in the nude.

Bare all... and don't care about the consequences ..

I say forget them all ,if they ant fucking with you .. Dope as in You Make me Not Give AF '

Dope as in ..i stopped by to see you unannounced ..and maybe that should concern you .

You Are Just That High !

And i am just that gone ...

Do you mind if i fly away with you forever...

I'm so terribly unapologetically, geeked up on you

Dope as you at the borders ,pound for pound trade for trade ..

Service for service ...Pure D..Dope as in you.

Dope as in... you are the truth.

I'm Doped up on you ..

-Shaku Writes Written by :Shaku Starr

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