My pick: Top 10 The Projects

Has anybody every wondered

why they call the projects the P.R.O J.E.C.T.S ? And No... I'm not talking about when you we're high or floating on the sky ...

You see the projects ,are called projects

because they are 'PROJECTS'' Like the ones you use for experiment

Never intended for you to cure ,

only intended for you to observe , ' she quotes "Observation "

A Mission of using the minority figure to endure or a control mechanism,verses a camp you can control vice-a versa -go figure.

Setting up shop sort a speak location surrounding temptation, traps infestation ,so closer to death right under the nose of the govern and they love the smell.

They see with cyanide always looking for ways to posing, speaking out of a mouth piece that is built for destruction it is overrated .

A Trap so great ''SO GREAT'', like 5 Level dimensions , so many projects built in so many cities that you could ever mention and there's no ends for us when the ends are limited .

Tear us down now hun ? Well i guess the project is in submission ,but what are we submitting to a complete .. Project Death by Sales Death by Jails Feeding on a Virus built for no scale . Baby Convicts riding murder rails .

Short Version of the piece entitled (The PROJECTS ) The Projects By :Shaku Writes

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The up and coming ,eBook, entitled

Magical Shit 100 Short Poems

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