Interviewer : How did you start this love affair, with poetry and when did it become a love triangle with Spoken word?

August 14, 2016

A lot of things come to us at the wrong time in our lives.

Some come in for the rescue.

For all the better, to save us from ourselves .

To provide us with the experience so that we may inhale and exhale our imperfections and stir into our greatness. 


I fell in love with poetry like a 15 year boy sneaking his first kiss.

Once I got a taste of something magical , I didn't want to let go of it .


I started to mold my art by, giving my words freedom letting the words 

 run freely as if they had no control .

When you love something you wanted it to rise to its greatest potential.

The same as you would do in a relationship .

You want what you have to blossom ,and not suffocate it with restrictions

Only to let things comes as they are.

Be who they are .

Be who you are .

Just be.

When I picked up the pen it was magic , even when I didn't realize it .

But ya see when I got a hold to the microphone ,I fell in love .

We all became connected , like one soul on one accord.

When you stop over thinking and just go for what you know .

That's when your true self will show.

I've learned that it takes true,consistency to win the race not speed .

Slow and steady will get you there .


Keep loving . 

Keep growing .

Rise above.

-Shaku Writes 



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April 15, 2020

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