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by Shaku Starr on Thursday, September 30, 2010 at 9:12pm



Have you Eva'' made love so sweet..hmm……..

...that when you woke up the next morning your smile was so’’ BIG’’ that it was frightening.

Very rare and hard to find!

It’s almost like you've been lost through a jungle of woods,trapped with all the wrong kind, awaiting to find the one that'll come and free Mankind.

God’ Damn’ That's Fine!

Hi Kisses are like fine Chocolate from the Duchess ,the most tasteful of it's kind!

His kisses feels like the ecstasy of taboo in a daze off this sip.

Hold steady baby ,Rock with me like Freddie and please don't trip.

The best of its kind like the finest ganja, you'll be amazed on my ship.

Think I’m gonna need a Toxicologist, for your love is surely toxic!

The way he stares at me from the back i can feel him when he sweats,

feel the heat flame up within him like fire on his chest.

The way his heart pounds when I walk by...I should be held in contempt!!!

I'm like a River that Flows in yo mind and you’re just ready to dive in..

I’m like the soft pillows you lay and melt besides..

Fall asleep in’’ WE’’ and I’ll still make your Nature Rise !

I'm Your Smooth operating machine built by your hands, and trust you won’t have to go lefty no curves cause I'm in command!

‘Yes.. we must move safely and that's my only demand.

Days are not like they use to be so we must do a careful dance.

Got me in a trance, Loving Romance in this love, advance 101 Heaven Glance....

And when i look at you, i do see much more ‘’BUT’’ for me to resist you is


He say he love the way I bake he told me to put it on 360 so he can watch me change.

Yes in a circle , spin around and make it worth it ...twirl around and make me work it .

I understand his purpose .

He Loves my rich icing, he always gets the first taste …..

With me... everyday is his muthfuckin birthday !

Pressure building up, I can feel he’s tense

He an’t gotta be no bitch…. but he gone scream like Prince ..

Still in control like a, A1- Pilot

I'm so Gangsta baby, we gone pull all night Riot.

Watch me Jump on that Oooh…..and do a Drive by, By It!

Rules don’t even abide by him ..

Damn i want some more’ll be mines to steal.

I am always Confident..

The baddest Wet Dream you eva made real !

And the fact that you're not dreaming’s like Fireworks ...everything is out the package, and up in the air...


…. (ur eyes so alert)...

Ignite me ...Let's go away, somewhere far somewhere they wont hear me scream..

because the ‘Geographic Orgasm’ will be so historic they'll have to put it in a movie scene.

But there's No Actors here.

Just me and you.

No Directors to Direct you, in what you need to do !

For You are Mines, and I’ve already Set My mark.

Yeah... when i get you it may be just a matter of time of expression and fine art!

The fact that I'm so damn busy …sigh..

but work is no excuse on my line, nothing is too big on my plate, i'll escape for you out the bathroom window on my lunch break...(and It's A DATE!!!))

When I hold you, it feels like i'm holding the ‘Golden Rod’

Thou shall protect me and do me no harm!

Got damn I love the Fact.. that you're so strong !

A ‘Masterpiece u are …..

Because with me physically and mentally you'll need to be .

For I'll dine you and wine you like the Queens did the Kings In (B.C.)

I'll love you and feed you the need to only be with me .

Serve you all Divine Intensity, so that you'll become one with me.

For I am selfish and that may very well be..but how do a Queen looks, sharing her Filet Mignon, with a cheap piece.

I am your light and you are my tunnel,

i will find my way through your mind and my body will follow...

Sometimes I just wanna say fuk my mind C'mon daddy Let's Go!!!!!

I just wanna lay with you beneath or underneath the white sheets over your kingdom glow!

I just wanna play with you in ways ,you wanna play with me , like finding all the right spots and i’ll surrender to all shows.

Set me a Min-stage up in you room watch me, let go and please don't let Go.

I just wanna run with you through the sand, lay naked while the wind blows on your tree of example..


Than rollover in the sand, love, tussles .

While The OCEAN.. (Spies) .. peeps, up at us and... Chuckles....

Come Rescue me of what needs to be Rescued.

Come dance with me even if you have two left feet

I '' am yours once you put these foolish Women Down !

! I'' am yours



...after Me

There will be no more ...

-Shaku Writes

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