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1. Unnknown Name  

2.In lOVE with this M.I.C.

3.Hip Hop Baby

4.The Projects

5 .Queen Where are you ?

.6.Insominia Street

7.Double 9's

8.Behold (Urban Love Poem)

9.Southern(So Sweet)

 ( with Matthew Davis Album )

10.Secrect Agent Glasses

11 Chemistyu N O-X Biology 

12.Chemistry 2

13.Suffer in Silence 

14 Writing For A Writer


 15. The Stone of A Gem 

16 My KinFolks Are  Coming

17. Wake Up Gill 

18.Butterfly Bullets 

19.The Letter '' Y ''

20.The One 

21.Open Letter

22.Battle Pen

23.Red Ink 


25.My Love is Faint

26.Fever Garden 

27.The Jar

28.Fighting myself 


30.Tempted  Testimonials 

31.Dancing Gypsies 

32.Black Like Black 

33.Precious Seeds 

34.Don't Sleep !

35.Green Afro

36.Unit C3 

37.Backstab thee

38.Weight Games

39.Justice (Monster Truck 

40.Our Black Holiday 

41.I Pledge  Allegiance to Lust 

43.Nina S.

44. Broken Heat 


45.The Forbidden Legacy 

46.Turmoil Ties 

47.Follow That 

48.Brunette Wats 


50.Gossip Fossils 

51.You are what you eat ?

52.The Poetry Song 

53.Lying Rainbows 

54.Indecisive  I 

55.Bring me a New Dream

56.Poor Baby

57.The Middle child 

58.Seattle  Moon

60.Im going to Pull the Dreads out of his head. 

61.The Rebirth

62.My Kin Folks  are Coming 

63.The Stone of A Gem 


65.Small pieces of him 


67.Beautiful Minds

68 S.h.o.c..o

69.The Everyday Lie 

79.Beautiful  Sinners 

80 No Regrets 


82.My Favorite Pillow 

83.Geeked ON You 

84.Evolute Brain

85.Spoken Destination 

86. Home to me is ..

87. Room 4  

88.Golden Energy 

89.The Love Thief

90  The Token White Girl 


92.The Way my hair  moves

93.The Book 

94.When he asked me for ID 

95. Penny snatchers 

96.Addicted to you 

97.Fowl ball

98.Unusual Childhood

99Kwiet Kaos

100. My Fault


102.384 Months

103. Strange-land

104. Trouble heart

105.Sour Revenge (Backfires)

106.Dear Reggie (I Baked)

107.Wake me, when its over !

108.Three Kisses

109. True  Dawn

110 Spell my name like you mean it .

111.Passion Fruit 

112.Born Emcee

113.Don't loose me 

114.My Love for you 

115.Bitter Daydreams


117.Take  a Swim with me.

118.  Virgin Night  

119.The Alkaline Dream

120. Overstand

121.My very own Texas Pete


123.The Rebirth

124. Dont leave me just Yet  !

125.Wild Flower (Abandon seeds)

126.Captured (Revised)

127.Go Deeper -2004

128.Poetry lives in the minds of Roommates

129.The Naked  Truth

130. Most attractive  ( 2muscles)

131. Life Backup Plan

132.OZ  Made it so simple

133.Dope  as in ....

134. 9 Ether Beings 

135.Built Like me

136.My Pyramids Run Deep

137.The day he left us 

138.Underneath  the Truth 

139.Hebrew girl & The Temple (Truelife pt1

140.When you left me for him

{Diary of  A Narcissist}

141.She took his eyes

142.Find Time

143.Spiritual Waste

145.She came through my window

146.Imagine Envy

147.My Journey  Lang

148.The Youth

149.I 'Am

150.In this Diary 

152.Holding on 

153.Summer's Peach

154. Back in my Naive Days

{wayed back with my naive ways }

 155. Passcode

156.The Ancestor March 



159.Mean as Heaven

160.Life An't -

161.The Guitar would dance at night

162.When we wish

163.Sweeter than candy ,meaner than a toothache.

164.Revolution Fast forward

165.Breaking Pointz

166. Poison on the ground


168.Subliminal Kisses

169.The 3rd Day 


171.Smile for Me 

172.Strike A Match 

173.Street Justice

174.Stilletos in the Kitchen


176.Skin Tough

177.Move on

178.Once Upon a Crime

179.One Pen

180.No Bullshit

181.Naked Laugh

182 .Rapture

183 .Never Leave the Music 

184.Card Declined


186.Cowardly Faith

187.Black Lace 

188.My Boy friend is Mad at me 

189.Tupac & Biggie Poem

190.Identity Crisis

191.Follow me Israel 

192.The Angry Writer Poem

193.Aim And Return

194.And Why Do I Need a Big Ass Again ?

195.Dear Music 

196.Just Stay in the Dog House !

197.The  Red  Door 

198.Bragging Rights 

199.AS I

200.Monstah Unleashed 


Bonus Feature :

What is Writers Block ?

2012 Written  by :Shaku Starr

My first "two hundred pieces'' ,

I  was all over the place and out  of  touch with reality

I've learned that somethings, just change like the weather.

And that's okay too.


My  pen grew more courageous and clever ,

More ready than ever  

Ready for the stage  and ready for whatever .

But in spite of it all , through rain and fog, I  will never let my pen fall ! 

Writing for a  writer.

Updating new pieces daily .

-Shaku Writes 


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