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​                                                                         Shaku Writes - S. Plowright


Shaku Writes, born as Shoco Nekoda Plowright, is the first African American, women with the largest poetry archive in the United States. With over a decade of writing poems, commercials, stage plays, monologues, voice-overs for local businesses, musicians and performing arts events.

Her latest work will introduce a poetry catalog of 100 short poems which will include 10, additional classical poems that started her  journey as a poet.

Shoco has a unique and alluring complex form of writing.

A style and signature that shines through in her newest collection of literature that places a majestic importance on our imagination and on the importance we place on legacy.

A poet who respects the ironic ideologies and theories of Albert Einstein’s and one who's sparked by the light of Gill Scott’s seductive intro’s and themes. 

Truly intrigued with ‘’Why the Cage Bird Sings’’ inspired by Maya Angelou’s dreams.

 Today her archive includes over 500, original written pieces.

You can locate this author’s online spotlight pages on /Independent bookstores, Barnes & Nobel, Amazon, Kindle and more. Organization listings include, Poetry Foundation- Poetry & Writers & WordPress. Check out her Facebook reviews

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