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                 The First African American Poet with the largest written poetry archive                       in the United States 


        Born to be a writer, destined to be a creator .

              Shaku Writes

               S. N. Plwright

                    Author. Speaker. Poet 


                                                  American Poet

 A little bit of fun about me !

I'm half Southern half sunshine... 

The little curious  Island girl...

Who mind is always wondering ,racing with adventure  and many thrills .

Born in the states raised  partially in  the sunny part of Florida and the country life of Georgia coming from a large family background of musicians and entertainers . 


I started writing seriously at the age of 12.
​When I really got my feet wet, I began  performing and flowing seriously at the age of 16 I've never been shy, to hit the stage for it has always been a second home for me. 

 I can remember the very first time I hit the stage Immediately it was love at first site and I fell in love with this M.I.C. Which later became  the name of  and my very first piece 'Id perform in front of a Spoken -Word audience.

​I am one who respects the Imagination of Albert Einstein's, theoretical ideologies.

And one who has always been  intrigued with knowing "Why the Caged Bird Sings.
​Fascinated by the phenomenal passion of our beloved Maya Angelou, dreams.
​Sparked by the light of Mr. Gill Scott's, seductive intros and music themes.

(I swear I need my own intro music when I'm walking these streets. ) lol

Today I am one of the first,African /Jamacian Women Poets ,with the largest Poetry archives in the United States !

There are so many unforgettable people and things that have inspired me.
​As you travel, along with my pen you will get to see my very own portraits of life .
All painted by yours truly to bring you fruitful insight !
​I am a firm believer that you should never allow anyone to be the author to your story 

​I believe that Imagination and adventure is the serendipity of our occurrence.

Look for that slogan for it is our motto and you will surely find me.
​​​Within​ this chapter of my life you will get to know more about me through poetry, song and spoken word.
​​​For the past 15 years, I've written over 1000 poems. 

Currently reaching 2,500 and with a goal to surpass at 5,000 pieces of golden classics that will last more than 2 decades . 

I am the type of poet that has many styles of writing but my favorite is a  freestyle and creative writing .

There is no such thing as writers block is the accurate truth in itself  that sometimes I'd find myself up with insominia filling notebooks of things that overflowed in my heart and head and I couldnt  turn it off easily. People always ask how did you get to so many pieces , and the truth is when you are writing 5 to 10 pieces a day it adds up over time unknowingly.   

Any writer or poet knows no matter where you are , if you  have a good topic or a sudden premonotion come out of no where you have to stop immediately and record it and write it down , so you dont forget it or lose the very essence of it ,when it first came to your mind .

I feel that it's best to let things flow naturally gather it on paper first and then you can go on your indecisive, editing, rampage later .I will perfect my style within all of its imperfections as many as times as needed .Until i can feel every word and the reader can feel it too.

Through this site, I will share 200, of my closes pieces with you .

And hopefully you will get to read and enjoy them all.

​I have so many pieces to share with you its truly exciting 
​I can not wait to update you through our blog
sharing more information on all up incoming events .

On May 7th 2020 we self published our first e-Book online entitled Magical Shit 100 short poems .The First edition  it included 100 poems along with 10 additional classical poems.

 The first edition will be followed by 6 Volumes starting with the 2nd  edition of 200 poems  in the spring of April 2020

1st Volume: 100 Book of Poems 

2nd Volume: 200 books of poems

3rd Volume :300 books of poems 

4th Volume: 400 books of poems 

5th Volume: 500 books of poems 

6th Volume: 1000 books of poems 

Volume 1 ]100 book of poems

•Volume 2 ]200 book of poems

{Coming this Spring 2021 of April showers }

•Volume 3 ] 300 book of poems

•Volume 4 ] 400 book of poems

•Volume 5 ] 500 book of poems

Volume 6 ] 1000 book of poems

These are all new original poems that are organically delicious  from the artist / writer herself .

Our goal is to distribute atleast 1,000 poems of our body of work online in library’s and to international distribution sites and publications .

And to feature 2,500 poems or more in our body of work online coming soon.

And to hit our maxium goal of 5,000 poems to retire. 


This April Showers of 2021

We will release the 2nd Volume  which will alos be a limited edition .All of the volumes will be avaliable online through e-reading ebook, hardcopy or paperback and the most highly requested audiobook .  

Indeed it is truly a blessing .

And I am forever grateful, to bless you with a combination of art and poetry into my world.

I write Stuff Inc. is creating a healthy lifestyle and a place for art to reside. 

My Favorite Slogan :

There's no such thing as writers block !

Motto :Imagination & Adventure is the Serendipity of our Occurence . 

Thank you kindly for joining and supporting me throughout the years.

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Authors Remarks  :

 We must add a spark to light up the night ...

It's that one flame that just might light up your life !

 This is my Pen....

Some time the ink is Red ..

Some time the ink is blue ..

My Ink runs in many different colors and time zones but will always remain true.

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I will continue writing as my archive builds to it's maximum pleasure!

And truthfully I can't put a number on what this will be.


I look forward to it all 

as I continue making history and serving you with as much as your imagination can stand! 


Thank you for visiting you should drop by more often

 Trust ME  You don't wanna miss a thing  

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#MagicalShit100shortpoems Vol-2 -Coming Soon !

      -Shaku Writes -

S.N .Plowright

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